Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In case you're wondering. . .

I haven't posted as much this winter as I had previously.  This last month I've had another project I've been working on.  We are expecting another baby in May and I decided I wanted to take a shot at making all the bedding for the new baby's room.  So instead of cooking, I've been SEWING!  We do not know the gender of the baby so I tried to go as neutral as possible!  Maybe now I can get back to posting recipes!!  :)

 The baby's blanket.  I got my inspiration for this blanket from Pinterest.  What would we do without Pinterest?
 Close-up of the blanket!
 This is a mini tag blanket- great for on the go!

 The striped fabric in the background is the bed skirt.  The two in front (green and numbers) are the bed sheets.  I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for making those sheets.

After I was finished with everything, I decided I needed a cute throw pillow! 


  1. oh gosh I LOVE it all!! especially that pillow!!! Good job Kristi!!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I love it too! Can't wait 'til the crib gets here!!